Ryon College Offers Quality Specialized Education !

Students are able to train and obtain skills necessary to achieve success in their chosen field of study.  Beginning with a commitment to excellence in education, the college focuses on each individual student’s circumstances and strives to provide training programs that prepare them to reenter the workforce.  The program specific training includes a blend of lecture and laboratory simulation assignments, which also offer students valuable pre-employment experience.


Ryon College also places emphasis on developing the professional attributes of students by employing mature, industry professionals who create and teach in a work-like environment on campus.   Each graduate will be prepared to enter the workforce and utilize their specialized training to perform their new job assignments and may also experience opportunities for career advancement due to enhanced skills obtained from their training.  Students also receive a maximum amount of personal attention in classes that are limited in size, not to exceed twenty students per classroom.

In essence, Ryon College’s educational objective is to provide students with basic knowledge and technical skills and prepare them for a new career as part of their vocational rehabilitation.